Majid Esmaeili

Majid Esmaeili’s virtual 3D sculpt of a faun, that gets close to how I imagined the character of Maddock in my new novel The Spyders of Burslem. Although with smaller horns.

It’s a pity that Stoke-on-Trent could not have transitioned a tranche of the city’s talented ceramics model makers into virtual computer-based 3D sculpting and model-making, when we had the chance in the 2000s. We could have turned our city into a world-centre for virtual character and model creation/painting, building on centuries of tradition in the ceramics industry. Which, with new developments in 3D printing and bespoke vinyl toys, would by now have come full circle back to the creation of physical products. Sadly the public-sector farce that was ‘Worldgate’ seemed to make the city’s officials averse to production schemes that are ‘digital’ and ‘creative’ and that required significant public money. And the highly insular nature of the city seemed to create a blind-spot, about the potential of global sales of virtual goods over the Internet.

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