Sir Oliver Lodge exhibition

Just spotted news of a must-see Staffs Uni Science Centre exhibition. The “Spirit of Radio Exhibition” is on the life and work of the Stoke inventor Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940). Lodge was the pioneering inventor on whom I loosely based Miss Merryweather Craft, in my novel The Spyders of Burslem. The exhibition runs from 19th March – 22th April 2013.

Interestingly, there is a further parallel between Lodge and my novel’s Miss Craft, although I’m not sure how much the exhibition will feature of that side of Lodge…

“For many years, Lodge had been investigating psychic phenomena…”

It’s interesting that the traditional historical mingling of science and superstition could persist right into the 20th century. There’s a fascinating book-length history of such unexpected co-minglings, Techgnosis.

One comment on “Sir Oliver Lodge exhibition

  1. David Haden says:

    A disappointing exhibition. Half a dozen old radios, some interactive radio-electrical gizmos, and nothing but two short basic info-panels on Lodge.

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