T. E. Hulme

“T. E. Hulme: The First Modern Poet?” [link now dead] muses The Huffington Post today. Hulme was from Endon, his father a farmer who later worked in the pottery industry in Stoke. His son went to Newcastle-under-Lyme High School 1894-1902, and died in action in the First World War.


There is also apparently “a memorial window to him in Endon church”. His papers are held at Keele.

A CITY SUNSET (1908, on the back of a hotel bill)

Alluring, Earth seducing, with high conceits
is the sunset that reigns
at the end of westward streets….
A sudden flaring sky
troubling strangely the passer by
with visions, alien to long streets, of Cytherea
or the smooth flesh of Lady Castlemaine….
A frolic of crimson
is the spreading glory of the sky,
heaven’s jocund maid
flaunting a trailed red robe
along the fretted city roofs
about the time of homeward going crowds
—a vain maid, lingering, loth to go….


His poetry is now most easily found in good form in the back of Canzoni; & Ripostes of Ezra Pound, which is available online. The best biography is The Short Sharp Life of T. E. Hulme (2012), and there is also a 1982 biography which updated an earlier one of 1938.

A volume of his Selected Writings appeared in 2003, and the full writings are to be found collected in Speculations (1924) and Further Speculations (1955). There is also what appears to be a recent critical edition for universities, The Collected Writings of T. E. Hulme.

In recent years there have been a spate of book-length studies such as: T.E. Hulme and Modernism; T. E. Hulme and the Ideological Politics of Early Modernism; T.E. Hulme and the Question of Modernism; and T.E. Hulme: A study of his Poetry, Criticism and Influence.

Huge Plot uncovered!

Plot’s The Natural History of Stafford-shire (1686) has been freed from the archive shelves at last…

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