Lore and Language, 1969-1999

Lore and Language, 1969-1999. From Sheffield, so may interest those looking for Derbyshire Peak and Midlands folklore. Now online for free. Items of specific interest because neighbouring to Staffordshire…

* Lore and Language, no. 03 (August, 1970)

The Cheshire Soul-Caker’s Play.

* Lore and language, no. 05 (July, 1971)

Further notes on Antrobus Soulcakers and other Cheshire souling plays.

* Lore and language, no. 09 (July, 1973)

We have a Poor Horse [Detailed descriptive record of a fading Derbyshire Wassail / Mummers costumed house-visiting, made at New Year 1971. Song and hobby-horse].

* Lore and Language Vol. 02, No. 01, (July, 1974)

Language Butchered: Back-Slang in the Birmingham Meat Trade. [Birmingham, England]

* Lore and Language Vol. 03, No. 02, Part A (January, 1980)

The Reindeer Antlers of the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance: A re-examination.

* Lore and Language Vol. 04, No. 01, (January, 1985)

Solihull: A Note on a Placename Pronunciation.

* Lore and Language Vol. 04, No. 02, (July, 1985)

Just for Fun: Children’s Playground Songs from Derbyshire.

* Lore and Language Vol. 10, No. 02, (July, 1991)

A Bit of Black Country [long detailed article on the dialect, by a trained linguist raised in the Black Country].


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