Burt Bentley’s Burslem

49 great unseen images of Burslem and Smallthorne. They’re from the Burt Bentley collection, recently found in dusty 35mm slide boxes at the City Archives in Hanley.

Picture: "1964 Brickhouse Street. Old building, probably old inn. Top of Street." A familiar sight to those who know Burslem, and one of the settings of my novel The Spyders of Burslem. Aka Brickhouse Street, Cock’s Yard, Cox’s Entry (a corruption of Cock’s, it seems).

One comment on “Burt Bentley’s Burslem

  1. […] exactly was cock-fighting done, down Cock’s Yard in the old days of Burslem? New on Hathi, there’s a free scan of a book that lays out the […]

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