Dr. J. Wilfred Jackson – pictures of the Peak

peakArbor Low, from the J.W. Jackson Collection.

dersb-2005-3-680Church Hole Cave, Creswell Crags, from the the J.W. Jackson Collection.

Pictures from the J.W. Jackson Collection at the Buxton Museum, in the north Midlands of England, a collection which is in the early stages of being digitized. They write of the stone circle picture that… “The location is Arbor Low, near Monyash [Neolithic, in the Peak District]. We think Jackson took original photo himself. We have a great number of his lantern slides at the museum, including other views of Arbor Low, but also many other places in the Peak District. We’re currently in the process of trying to digitise more of the collection so that we can share more online.”

Jackson was Dr. J. Wilfred Jackson (1880-1978).

The Arbor Low picture looks to me to be after about 1905, and probably the 1910s, judging by the wearing of a flat cap with a country suit.

The lower picture is of Church Hole Cave, Creswell Crags, near to the site of the discovery of the most ancient art in the British Isles. Below is my macro photo made in the British Museum, of the art found there. The shape of an Ice Age horse’s head, with a mane etched across the top. Found at Robin Hood Cave at Creswell Crags in Derbyshire.



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