Herbert Edmund Crowley

A 1911 work by the visionary comic-strip and later stage-set artist Herbert Edmund Crowley (not to be confused with a boring occult loon also named Crowley). It looks like a pro-drugs poster from the dawn of the London counter-culture circa 1967, but appears to have been meant to be an embodiment of the evils of alcoholism in an era when the temperance movement was very strong. The rye, held aloft, makes rye whisky…

A biography of this British artist by Justin Duerr is in the making, circa early 2017, which seems to be the same as $100k crowdfunder The Temple of Silence: Forgotten Worlds of Herbert Crowley (2017, forthcoming).


Other than his own Portfolio of Symbolic Drawings and Portfolio of Decorative Drawings in the 1910s, the only other book I can find is Herbert Edmund Crowley Papers (Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 1968), although this latter is either a very rare exhibition catalogue or a ‘ghost book’ of the type that sometimes enters the bibliographic record.


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