Dr. Arthur Edward Dodd

I’ve found another local author, via an eBay listing for his Weaver Hills and other Poems by A. E. Dodd.

Arthur Edward Dodd (1913-) was a local poet, playwright and historian. Combining Amazon and the Writers Directory, one can list his books and plays as:

Poems from Belmont, 1955.
Three Journeys, 1958.
Flower-spun Web (play), 1960.
Dictionary of Ceramics, 1964.
Words and Music, 1964.
To Build a Bridge (play), 1965.
Weaver Hills and other Poems, 1967.
The Fifth Season, 1971.
Gold in Gun Street (play), 1973.
Peakland Roads and Trackways, 1974.
Beacon Stoop, 1985.

Peakland Roads, written with his wife, went through three editions. The third appeared in 2000, updated and expanded. It looks like it could do with an ebook edition soon, to keep it available.

His The Dictionary of Ceramics went to a third edition in 1994. There also appears to have been a Concise Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Ceramics edition.

The three plays may have been linked with North Staffordshire’s annual One Act Play festival? That’s just my guess. The Weaver Hills volume of poems suggests there’s some local interest there for the Moorlands, but one would have to have access to the poetry volumes to know if he also wrote any Stoke poems or not.

He also published historical articles. I found a snippet for one, “Rousseau in England” in The Listener in 1966, and there may be more. Rousseau famously hid out in the Moorlands at one time. There was a scholarly local history paper titled “The Froghall-Uttoxeter Canal” in the North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies, 1963. He also appears to have contributed articles to encyclopaedias, such as Chambers.

He was educated at Newcastle High School and seems to have served at various times with the North Staffordshire Field Club in the 1950s and 1970s. He worked as the Chief Information Officer for the B.C.R.A. (British Ceramic Research Association), from 1938-1970…

“Outlining the work of the information department of the BCRA, Dr. Dodd said that they dealt with 30-40 enquiries each week, of a varied nature” (Ceramics journal)

In Aslib Proceedings, 1961, he had an in-depth article on this work, titled “Information Work in Ceramics: the Science and Technology Section”.

Ceramics journal hoped, noting the 1970 retirement of Dr. Dodd Ph.D., M.Sc., F.R.I.C., that people would… “continue to see this spritely figure around the Potteries”, so it sounds like he ‘cut a bit of a dash’ around the city.

In retirement his address was given as Hall Lodge, Upper Ellastone.


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