Bram Stoker Awards: new ‘Short Non-Fiction’ award

I’m not one to take notice of sci-fi / fantasy / horror “Awards” these days, as most seem to have been taken over by the far-left as political platforms. But I’ve heard nothing untoward yet about the Bram Stoker Awards, so it’s good to see that the Horror Writers Association (HWA) has announced the addition of a new “Short Non-Fiction” category to its Bram Stoker Awards…

“Works qualifying for the new award category include magazine articles, short essays, and academic papers, all of which must be at least 2,000 words but less than 40,000 words. The works must be published in a book (print or e-format), a magazine (print or online), or an academic monograph.”

Rather sniffily, they also say…

Under no circumstances will consideration be given to personal websites, newsletters, or blogs.

So if (like me) you’re in the habit of doing rough ‘thought-doodles’ for your forthcoming book, and posting them as blog posts, then presumably you’re not going to be eligible if those early posts stay online after the book is published?


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