Wetton Mill and Gawain

If you’ve ordered my new book on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, many thanks. The book should have arrived by now. It’s just a side-project from my big Tolkien book, but I hope it’s found interesting. Anyone writing scholarship on Gawain in future will surely need to read it. Below is a bonus colourised picture of the Wetton Mill cave which I didn’t have to hand when making the book. Although the same cave is abundantly illustrated by other pictures in the book, along with some rare ones of its melded companion-in-literature which is located ‘around the corner’ at Redhurst Gorge.

So… I’ve now identified Wells’s original for the character of The Time Traveller in my 2017 book H. G. Wells in the Potteries: North Staffordshire and the genesis of The Time Machine, and a near-perfect local candidate for the writing of Gawain in my 2018 Strange Country: Sir Gawain in the moorlands of North Staffordshire. An investigation. The third and final big ‘Midlands literary mystery’ to crack is earendel and Tolkien, and that’ll be my next book unless I get distracted again. The book is already very well advanced, but with something so huge it needs to be paced properly. I’m considering a two-volume edition.


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