Mythical Beasts of Birmingham

A short humourous article surveys a few of The Mythical Beasts of Birmingham, being: the Wump-Tay; Brummies; the “Boss” Tin; The Abominable Snow Hill Man; and The Wrekin.

In the spirit of Ken Reid’s new artbook Creepy Creations, I can think of a few more suggestions, off the top of my head: the Backarackhams; the ‘Bumbler 11’; the ‘Cad’ Bury; the Certain Coldfeet; the Suit-on Pork; the Jolly Cutter; the Bull Wringer; S’no Ill; the Buzz Tin; the Broomies; Dark-Hover Billz Mudders (“It’s dark over Bill’s Mothers”); and the Distant Doodley.

There’s also the historically recorded Mine Knockers of the South Staffordshire coalfield.

One comment on “Mythical Beasts of Birmingham

  1. […] wonder if they’d care for a Brummagem add-on? There seems to be a big space on the map where a surreal steampunkish Birmingham might arise, […]

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