The Cracks of Doom: Untold Tales in Middle-earth

I’m pleased to present The Cracks of Doom: Untold Tales in Middle-earth. My new book is available now, and is a side-project from my larger scholarly Tolkien book. It should be of interest to RPG players, as well as to fan-writers of Tolkien stories.

The Cracks of Doom is a fully annotated and indexed list of ‘Untold Tales’ in Middle-earth, pointing out the ‘cracks’ where new fan-fiction might be developed. There are 125 entries and these usually lightly suggest ideas for story development. It will also be useful for scholars seeking to understand what Tolkien “left out” and why, or those interested in ‘transformative works’ and fandom.


1. Introduction: “On Untold Tales in Middle-earth”.

2. Writing guidance: “Faith, Duty and Fun: plan and style in Middle-earth fiction”.

3. The list: ‘Openings, Gaps and Cracks’. 125 entries. Note that this is only for LOTR, inc. the Appendices. It also draws on Unfinished Tales, books in the History series, and for one item I also reference the Letters. It does not, of course, cover the vast amount of material in The Simarillion.

PDF sample with index. The full book has 64 pages, about 22,000-words, and a full name and place Index. The book is wholly unofficial, and very respectful of Tolkien’s vision.

There’s also a Kindle ebook version, slightly expanded with some additional entries. Also available now.

I think I’m fairly safe with the title, re: the Estate. Tolkien is not mentioned in the title, and “The crack of doom” was a common colloquial phrase in the Edwardian period, being found in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Act IV, Sc. 1.

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