War in Cheshire

Now we know something about the locations for one of the Tolkien bio-pics. Not quite my own Staffordshire, but somewhat near-ish in what’s technically Cheshire. A south Manchester suburb stood in for the battlefield scenes….

“Tatton Studios was one of their key locations, with war scenes being filmed on one of its 24-acre backlots … played host to a cast of 150 First World War soldiers, 30 cavalry horses and a 300-strong crew, which included a dedicated SFX team to manage activity such as night shooting and also construction experts, who spent three months building the battlefield.”

This is a useful behind-the-scenes movie-making article, though there also seems to be a great deal of mindless legacy media blather in advance of this first movie. Such as dismal headlines like: “The Untold Truth of JRR Tolkien” and “Will ‘Tolkien’ bring the Lord of the Rings trilogy back to life?”.

Er, when did it die…?

But there are also currently some good thoughtful articles arising from the New York exhibition, such as the new “You’ve Read Tolkien’s Books — But Have You Seen His Paintings?” and “Tolkien’s drawings reveal a wizard at work”.

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