The old Loop Line

Snagged from eBay, some pages from a mid 1970s booklet on the reclamation of the old Potteries Loop Line for pedestrians and cyclists. A pleasing pen-and-ink drawing, map, gradient cross-section, and list of key dates.

Coming soon: new ebook edition of my Gawain book

I’m preparing a new expanded ebook edition of my recent print book on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I’m now near to completion on it, and only need to: i) plug in two additional print-only sources I’m awaiting postal delivery of; ii) get the images looking as good as they can on the Kindle ereader and 10″ Kindle HD, while also keeping file-size down; and iii) then give the resulting generated ebook a proof-reading looking for mis-formatting in the HTML. And, of course, then upload it to Amazon. It’ll have indented quotations and hyper-linked ’round-trip’ footnotes.

Tolkien reviewed

Oh dear, SFX magazine is not so keen on the first of the new ‘young Tolkien’ biopic movies. Their review gives Dome Karukoski’s Tolkien (May 2019) just three stars and barely a quarter of a page. The dire new Hellboy gets two and a half stars, by comparison, in the same issue. The main complaints seem to be un-engaging acting and lack of cinematic flourish…

[The love] scenes are earnestly performed, but don’t feel particularly cinematic or engaging. The better sequences are those that follow Tolkien while he’s suffering from trench fever during World War I, where – delirious – he starts hallucinating the bones of future ideas.”