Here’s a nice idea, spotted in the latest Country Life magazine. If a council really has to clear genuinely ‘unsafe’ gravestones from a graveyard, they could become ‘treeguards’ instead.

H.G. Wells Short Story Competition 2020

The H.G. Wells Short Story Competition 2020.

“This year’s theme is “Vision”. Your story can be set anywhere, feature any characters, and be written in any style. The length is 1,500 to 5,000 words. Entries must be in English. The story may not be published elsewhere.”

Free entry for under 21s. Deadline: 6th July 2020.

Dreams of Nantwich

A “Dreams of Nantwich” exhibition is on now at the nearby Nantwich Museum and runs until Saturday 7th March 2020…

The exhibition seeks to create the mythical and fairy tale story of Nantwich through its beauty and history. Presented in the medium of watercolour, the artwork concentrates on an imaginary vision of the town. … and also includes watercolour paintings of animals and fantasy creatures by the artist’s son Jan Obolewicz.

Three new graphic novels

Three interesting-sounding British graphic novels, set for publication in spring 2020.

* Glass Town: The Imaginary World of the Brontes. A visually inventive but historically-grounded bio-comic. How the Bronte family created their various local imaginary worlds, and what came of it.

* Once & Future, volume 1. Possibly PC and also a ‘TV series pitch’ comic. But the basic premise suggests some promise. A boy is trained by a former Monster Hunter (his granny) to combat a foe who has returned from the realms of Arthurian legend.

* The Stringbags. A full comics history of the Royal Navy’s Swordfish crews, by military-history comic makers who know their stuff.