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Welcome to the purchase page for the novel The Spyders of Burslem. A new and original novel of 60,000-words, rich with authentic period details and characters. It is the year 1869 in the pottery town of Burslem (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire), where a new age of industry and learning struggles to be born. A young graduate has arrived to teach the workers, but finds himself on the trail of a deadly evil.

Available now as a paperback, or an ebook for Kindle on Amazon USA or Amazon UK.


Chapter One: Arrival.
Chapter Two: A Providential Meeting.
Chapter Three: The Raising of the Zodiac.
Chapter Four: A Pint of the Finest.
Chapter Five: In a Darkling Aetherstorm.
Chapter Six: Death and Time.
Chapter Seven: Discoveries.
Chapter Eight: The Scrying.
Chapter Nine: A Cunning Kiss.
Chapter Ten: What the Dark Brings.
Chapter Eleven: The Face and the Mind.
Chapter Twelve: The Shadows of the Blind.
Chapter Thirteen: The Workings of Men.
Chapter Fourteen: Lost and Dreaming.
Chapter Fifteen: A First Frost.
Historical notes.

To buy a paperback copy, click here.

“My husband and I have just finished reading your book, we thought it extremely well written, but also extremely goosebump-evoking, describing evil uncannily well. We really enjoyed the many historical bits – we had no idea! Thank you!” — feedback from local reader Margret Pegg.

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