My books

2019: The Cracks of Doom: Untold Tales in Middle-earth. A small book of 22,000 words which lists 125 ‘Untold Tales’ in Middle-earth, pointing out the ‘cracks’ where new fan-fiction might be developed.

2018: Strange Country: Sir Gawain in the moorlands of North Staffordshire. An investigation.

2018: The Folk-lore of North Staffordshire. A free 20 page bibliography in PDF. Currently in version 1.4.

2017: H. G. Wells in the Potteries: North Staffordshire and the genesis of The Time Machine.

Novel: The Spyders of Burslem. The novel that started this blog.

Readers of this blog may also be interested in my local history of Burslem and its valley, written for a lay audience back in circa 2005, the short book A History of Burslem & The Fowlea Valley. Available at

“an exceptional, easy-to-read, well illustrated book … Well done to the author!” — Fred Hughes, local historian and author.

I also have eight scholarly books on the life and historical context of the author H.P. Lovecraft, available elsewhere.