Archaeological illustrations

Bradwell Wood in North Staffordshire, 120 BC. Click picture, load, then click it again, to see the full 3000px size.

My above archaeological illustration recreates Iron Age farming life in the northern Midlands. There is some artistic ‘licence’ taken, but nearly all the details are either historically correct or plausible for the setting. A ‘making of’ picture and full historical description of the artwork’s ‘spot details’ is available in a PDF.

I am available as an artist for hire. I can create a similar historical illustration of your favourite landscape view as it might have been seen in the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman or Saxon periods. I have access to accurate terrain data for the whole of the UK, and can recreate your exact terrain in 3d. I then add trees, ground cover, and painted in details such as those seen below.

My prices start at £500 (please note that complex Roman and Saxon towns and military structures cost more, as do a montage overlays of torcs and weapons etc). The final artwork will be supplied to you at a size suitable for printing and slipping into a large laminated board, perhaps to be sited near your chosen view or inside your heritage centre.

You can also contact me by commenting on a post at this blog, which is likely to reach me quicker than email.





The client gets:

* Your choice of elevated view — just sent me an Ordnance Survey grid reference so I can find the spot. I’ll send you back a choice of likely viewpoints that best show the scene.
* Your choice of time period and building types, in keeping with the local archaeological evidence.
* My research time, to discover key facts about the site that can be incorporated into the picture.
* My completed 4000px wide .TIF image file of the historic landscape, from which the client can have the picture printed at the size they need.
* A PDF text that gives an account of the historical setting and the authenticity of the various details depicted.
* A licence to sell prints locally, as postcards or printed posters, for five years. Clients using the picture only for a local history book will get a perpetual licence.

This is a great way for a metal detectorist to celebrate a major find; for a village or small town to boost publicity around a local archaeological find; for heritage sites to visualise their landscape for the public; for an author to gain a very appealing wrap-around cover for a local history book; or even for a family to commemorate a loved one — by dedicating a new illustrated information-board at a much-loved view, rather than a traditional wooden bench.

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