The archaeology of HS2

Ooh, I’ve just realised what sort of wonderful archaeology we’ll get, ahead of and during the construction of HS2 in the Northern Midlands… a real “slice through history” from The Trent at Stone – through to Keele and Crewe. Roman roads, previously unknown settlements, maybe even a few artifacts or perhaps a horde. Here’s hoping that the fenced off route will be opened up to citizen archaeologists and metal detectorists for a year ahead of actual ground-breaking construction, in areas not identified by the County archaeologists as being “reserved for the professionals”.

The Boy Who Shuddered, free audio book

My new 22 minute reading of the short tale “The Boy Who Shuddered” (aka “The Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear”), from the famous book of folk tales transcribed by the Brothers Grimm. I’ve adapted and abridged the tale. My audio book version is now on, under a Creative Commons licence. The downloadable MP3 has none of the slight crackle that the audio in’s Flash preview player has.